Jerry Levitt has been shooting and printing for more than 60 years, starting at age nine with his first camera, a Kodak Brownie. During his teens, he spent summers as a camp and resort photographer, and in college, worked as a wedding photographer. Jerry continued to document his family, friends, and trips to remote parts of the world while practicing medicine. He now divides his time between Deer Isle, Maine, and Philadelphia, where he focuses his lens on nature—the changing light of coastal New England in all seasons, and those ephemeral moments when the fog begins to lift, the snow sparkles, and the setting sun turns the forest ablaze with color. He strives to capture his vision with his camera rather than through digital editing, patiently waiting for just the moment when the light is most transcendent.


                                      2016 EXHIBITIONS

Deer Isle Artists Association (DIAA)

15 Main Street, Deer Isle, Maine 04627

Burrison Gallery of the University Club at Penn

3611 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

                                       2017 EXHIBITIONS

Deer Isle Artists Association